Aloft LC SC Insecticide - 64 Ounces

Aloft LC SC Insecticide

Aloft LC SC is a broad-spectrum, long-lasting contact and systemic insecticide for control of insects infesting lawns and ornamentals in landscapes and surrounding areas. Aloft LC SC can be used around residences, business complexes, industrial complexes, airports, playgrounds, schoolyards, parks and recreation areas, athletic fields, cemeteries, arboretums and non-production greenhouses. Not for use on golf courses or sod farms.

Usage: 11.65-23.3 fl. oz./acre/year (0.27-0.54 fl. oz./1000 sq. ft.); rate depends on target pests, stage of development, and desired level of control.

Active Ingredients:

Clothianidin - 24.7%
Bifenthrin - 12.3%

Category: Aloft Insecticide

Type: Insecticide

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