Bentgrass Seed

Bentgrass Grass Seed

Creeping bent grass is a native of Europe and parts of Asia. It is a cool season grass requiring cool, humid environments. This grass forms a dense mat by creeping stolons and has a shallow root system and has long slender leaves.

Bent grasses are the most beautiful of the grasses with their fine texture, deep green color, thick density, and low growing habit. They are considered the luxury grasses of the cool season grasses. There are three types of bent grass: the Colonial, Creeping, and Velvet. Each retains particular qualities relating to climate, salt tolerance, depth of color, and texture. Bent grass is a cool season lawn grass. Bent can be planted from seeds or sod and provides a beautiful golf like turf grass lawn in Northern areas. Bents requires high amounts of lawn care & maintenance.

Creeping bent grass is used extensively in lawns, golf courses, athletic fields for the creeping, dense growth and beautiful coloration and short mowing capabilities. It is used primarily on golf putting greens because of the denseness and mowing qualities. Penncross is the most popular and recommended variety for home lawns.

Colonial bent grass has been in the United States since the early days of the colonists. This variety was brought from Europe to reproduce the fine lawns of their homeland. Colonial Bentgrass is the tallest of the bents with very fine texture and the density associated with the bent grasses.