Fixation Balansa Clover Seed Coated & Inoculated

FIXatioN balansa clover is the most cold-tolerant annual clover, able to withstand temperatures down to -14˚F. FIXatioN can also tolerate a variety of soil types and can even grow through short periods of standing water. As an annual clover, FIXatioN helps with soil drainage and water infiltration due to its deep tap root system.

Balansa clover requires inoculation with a specific strain of rhizobia which helps the plants fix nitrogen in the soil. This inoculant is contained in the orange coating of FIXatioN, which also makes the seed heavier and larger, creating an easier planting process. Balansa is a small, economical seed that is cheaper on a per acre basis than other annual clover varieties. 

Rate of use: 5-8 lbs as a mono-culture, or 3-5 lbs/acre in a mix.

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