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 Crimson clover (Trifolium incarnatum) is one of the most colorful forage plants and is frequently seen along roadsides, where it is planted for highway beautification. Crimson clover is a reseeding winter annual with an erect growth habit and a shallow taproot system. The flowers are a brilliant red color, elongated in shape, and often more than two inches long. The leaves are dark green and covered with dense hairs.


Crimson clover is best adapted to the heavier, well-drained soils, performing poorly on dry, sandy, and poorly drained sites. Crimson clover produces more forage at low temperatures than other clovers. It is fairly tolerant of soil acidity and is often seeded in mixture with small grains and ryegrass. Crimson clover is also often seeded into warm-season perennial grass pastures (bermudagrass and bahiagrass) and may reseed under some management conditions.

Planting Crimson Clover Seed

Crimson clover seed should be planted at 20 to 26 pounds of seed per acre. Most improved crimson clover varieties are adapted to Florida conditions, but they vary in spring maturity. Seeds germinate in the fall, and plants produce very little top growth while developing a strong root system, so very little forage is available for grazing before February.

Grazing should be delayed until 6-8 inches of growth accumulate. Terminate grazing when plants are 3-5 inches in height. Crimson then grows rapidly until flowering begins about mid-April. Forage is very high quality with both leaves and stems readily consumed. Although it is generally grazed, it may be harvested as high-quality hay or silage. If trying to manage for reseeding, reduce grazing pressure for about three weeks when in full flower

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  • d
    david h. nastal D. H. N. david h. n. us

    get back to me in 3 months..

    Hmmm feed back on a product i just received... hmmm, get back to me in 3 months, i tell you if it if you want to talk, processing time, we'll thats where you need improvement. 1 week went by with NO updates other than label has been created, until i wrote a "where the heck is it" email....

  • K
    Ken Woodson K. W. Ken W. us

    Received fast

    Have not planted seed yet. May be week or so.

  • A
    Amy Thomas A. T. Amy T. us

    Better than Kelly Ag

    These seeds are superior than the ones I have gotten from Kelly Ag.

  • D
    Doran England D. E. Doran E. us

    Excellent service

    Excellent customer service and delivery time.

  • J
    Justin Parden J. P. Justin P. us

    As expected

    Coming up well

  • S
    Samuel Wright S. W. Samuel W. us

    Eastland County Gamekeepers

    Seed didn't spout

  • J
    Jacob Weatherholt J. W. Jacob W. us

    Never grew

    Never grew

  • C
    Calvin B. C. B. Calvin B.

    Deer clover food plot

    Got the seed within five days . Plan to plant crimson clover with oats and rape. Will post pictures soon.

  • R
    Rembert R. Rembert

    Great company, fast service

    Great company, fast service

  • B
    Brenda M. B. M. Brenda M.


    So far all is great and growing. Ground is green. Can't wait for them to bloom in the spring. Planted underneath my pecan trees. My hope is that the massive herds of deer do not eat all of it.

  • M
    Mr. Pat McHugh M. P. M. Mr. P. M. us

    Clover with Orchard grass

    lover anmd Orchard are both sprouting now! Germinated well. 5 stars!

  • L

    It's this a mistake?

    I have not ordered or received any crimson clover seed from your store. Please advise if this message was sent to me by mistake

  • B
    Brenda McCabe B. M. Brenda M. us

    Crimson Clover

    Clover was beautiful this spring so I ordered more. Bag was broken at end and seed scattered everywhere when carried to my porch. So wasn't too pleased with that because red clover will now be in my front yard. Hopefully this order will be as good as last year.

  • V
    Victoria Logan V. L. Victoria L. us


    Good quick delivery

  • S
    Sharon Hamel S. H. Sharon H. us

    Crimson clover seed

    Seed looks healthy. Even though October is usually the time to plant, I haven’t tried to plant it yet because we haven’t had rain in over six weeks. (Florida Panhandle)

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