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 Crimson clover (Trifolium incarnatum) is one of the most colorful forage plants and is frequently seen along roadsides, where it is planted for highway beautification. Crimson clover is a reseeding winter annual with an erect growth habit and a shallow taproot system. The flowers are a brilliant red color, elongated in shape, and often more than two inches long. The leaves are dark green and covered with dense hairs.


Crimson clover is best adapted to the heavier, well-drained soils, performing poorly on dry, sandy, and poorly drained sites. Crimson clover produces more forage at low temperatures than other clovers. It is fairly tolerant of soil acidity and is often seeded in mixture with small grains and ryegrass. Crimson clover is also often seeded into warm-season perennial grass pastures (bermudagrass and bahiagrass) and may reseed under some management conditions.

Planting Crimson Clover Seed

Crimson clover seed should be planted at 20 to 26 pounds of seed per acre. Most improved crimson clover varieties are adapted to Florida conditions, but they vary in spring maturity. Seeds germinate in the fall, and plants produce very little top growth while developing a strong root system, so very little forage is available for grazing before February.

Grazing should be delayed until 6-8 inches of growth accumulate. Terminate grazing when plants are 3-5 inches in height. Crimson then grows rapidly until flowering begins about mid-April. Forage is very high quality with both leaves and stems readily consumed. Although it is generally grazed, it may be harvested as high-quality hay or silage. If trying to manage for reseeding, reduce grazing pressure for about three weeks when in full flower

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  • J
    Justin Woodward J. W. Justin W.

    Crimson Red Clover

    Seed World shipped fast and was very affordable. Planted right before a rain and already started to sprout.

  • K
    Kevin K. Kevin

    awesome clover

    My initial review focused on the service and quality of the seeds. I wanted to wait until the clover started germinating before writing another review. It was early April, and the clover survived despite the possibility of a freeze. I live in the Ohio Valley, where weather conditions can be unpredictable, but I went ahead and planted my crimson clover. I bought Nitro-Coated & Inoculated seeds, and they grew very well, looking beautiful. I planted five acres to support small wildlife and game and to help the bees. The turkeys and deer have been enjoying munching on it. The clover is growing healthy and bushy, and a lot of it is beginning to have tops. It's almost June, and I'm impressed with the progress. I highly recommend this clover to anyone looking to buy a quality clover at a reasonable price that can't be beaten by other competitors.

  • A
    Amanda Petroski A. P. Amanda P.

    Very Satisfied

    Seed World had every kind of seed that I needed and shipped it very quickly. We will be using Seed World for all of our future crop needs.

  • L
    Lindsey Schue L. S. Lindsey S.

    Logging road cover

    Will be using as logging road cover. Seed is up to date for germination and has been planted for cover. Expecting fantastic results.

  • D
    Doug Feldt D. F. Doug F.


    I won't know about the seeds quality until August or September. The delivery was great.

  • J
    James Louden III J. L. I. James L. I.


    Great job.

  • C
    Carl Durdin C. D. Carl D.

    Great Price Speedy delivery

    5 stars

  • R
    Randy Young R. Y. Randy Y.

    Quality seed, Great Price!

    Best price on seed with fast shipping.

  • e
    eric schackmuth E. S. eric s.

    Clover and lupine

    Well boxed and received in timely fashion

  • T
    Thomas T. Thomas

    Great Service...Even Better Germination!

    Crimson Clover arrived on time and germinating in less than a week...maybe typical but I'm still pleased. Thank you!

  • E
    Edward L Miner E. L. M. Edward L. M.

    Can't wait to try it out.

    We tried the Crimson Clover on our garden last year with poor results. This year we will get it on the garden earlier and hope it does well. This supplier sent the seeds very quickly.

  • T
    Tim Blackmon T. B. Tim B.

    No review/Not received

    Haven't received as it is still not shipped.

  • D
    Dana Greene D. G. Dana G.

    Replacement Delivery

    Excellent packaging this time! Over and above on customer service.

  • C
    Chris Scheide C. S. Chris S.

    Quick shipping

    Very quick shipping. No problems w/ order

  • R
    Ryan Smith R. S. Ryan S.

    5 Stars ALL DAY!!

    Best of the Best, super clean super good stats. High germination rate. Can't wait to put these seed in the ground.

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