Weed & Feed Catalog

Our Collection of Professional Grade Weed & Feed Products

Weed and Feed is an effective solution for lawn care, providing both weed control and fertilizer in a single application. Weed and Feed products contain herbicides that work to suppress weeds while also offering essential nutrients that assist in the maintenance of healthy grass growth. Weed and Feed applications help improve your lawn’s ability to absorb water and food, creating the optimal growing environment for grass. Weed and Feed can be incorporated into any regular lawn care routine, allowing you to have a healthy-looking lawn with minimal effort on your part. When used correctly, Weed and Feed can lead to lush green yards free from pesky weeds! For best results, apply Weed & Feed at least two times per year - once during springtime when grass typically begins to grow and in fall to eliminate cool season weeds; this also feeds your lawn in preparation for winter.