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Alyce Clover Seed ( Alysicarpus vaginalis )

 Plant Rate 20 Lbs. per Acre.

 Plant: Spring / Summer

Alyce clover is a summer legume that can provides approximately 15% protein. 

Alyce clover is an annual clover which can be planted with other legumes such as cow peas or perennials. It is very attractive to deer and is one of the most popular clovers used in plantings for wildlife. 


The clover seeds are very small and must not be planted over 1/4 inch deep. The best planting method for wildlife plots is to lightly drag over the area just to lightly cover the seed.

Plant 15-20 lbs. per acre 1/4 to no deeper than 1 inch depth.
Use: For forage use and wildlife plantings for deer, turkeys and rabbits

  • Adaptation: Grows 12-24 inches in height. Is a warm season tropical annual plant. 
  • Good choice for coastal areas with high amounts of summer rainfall. 
  • Plant on moderate to well-drained soils in the Southeast.

Best For: Deer, Turkey, Rabbit, and Quail.

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  • J
    Jeff Bein J. B. Jeff B.

    Alyce Clover

    Good service and prompt delivery.

  • K
    Kosmos Knovas K. K. Kosmos K.

    So many seeds…

    I LOVE your shop and product! You send so much for the price and I’ll be back! I recommend this place for good quantity per cost! I raise quail so this is great for me 🤗

  • R
    Ronald H. R. H. Ronald H.



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