Millet Seed

Japanese Millet Seed


Japanese Millet - Echinochloa esculenta

Japanese Millet Seed - is ideally planted April - July for field or food plot application, Japanese Millet can also be used for erosion control as late as October. Japanese millet is  the most rapid growing of all millet varieties producing seed just 45 days after germination!. The seed will mature on the stalk in 45 - 60 days.

Japanese Millet Seed Rate

  • 10 Lbs. per acre when being planted with Bahia.
  • 20 Lbs. per acre when being planted as a food plot

Nb: Japanese millet seed is a favorite for turkeys and other game birds to feed on.



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  • T
    Tim Shaughnessy T. S. Tim S.



  • B
    Brian Horstmann B. H. Brian H.

    Don’t ask a question

    I asked a question after I placed my order no response and my order just shipped now they want a review!

  • J
    Jim Hills J. H. Jim H.

    On time

    Came as ordered. Thanks

  • A
    Andrew EVANS A. E. Andrew E.

    Japanese millet

    received quickly

  • M
    Michael Cunningham M. C. Michael C.


    Birds love it Lady Gouldian finches

  • D
    Dean Schulmeister D. S. Dean S.

    Japanese Millet

    Came without a hitch. Will probably use it next season. Will it still be ok until then if I don't open it? Don't think I have enough time to get it to seed by duck season?

  • J
    Jeffrey Hall J. H. Jeffrey H.

    Happy Customer

    Fast delivery.

  • C
    Chris Grubbs C. G. Chris G.

    Holy sh*t

    This stuff grows fast. Great germination. Highly recommend

  • J
    Jonathan Friday J. F. Jonathan F.

    Stop spamming me with emails.

    I haven’t had the chance to put the seed in the ground and you’ve been asking me if the product is good since the day it arrived. How am I supposed to know if it’s a good product without using it? You should at least give someone a few weeks before asking for feedback. The only review I can give you is that the product came in and it wasn’t damaged.

  • W
    Wayne Kruzek W. K. Wayne K.

    100% Satisfaction

    Great experience. Easy ordering, great service. Always completely satisfied with the quality of the seed received. Thank you.

  • T
    Tom Roudebush T. R. Tom R.


    Jap Millet was packaged in very light cardboard box and had seed leaking out. If you going to sell seed at these prices Seed World need to look at your packaging polices or at least give an option to upgrade packaging.

  • W
    William Floyd W. F. William F.

    Fast shipping

    Fast shipping well boxed.

  • G
    Garrett Williams G. W. Garrett W.

    Seed looked good

    No complaints, the seed was clean .

  • J
    James B. J. B. James B.

    Great Seeds

    They arrived timely and were well packaged. We put them in the ground and had sprouts appearing in less than a week. I will be ordering more.

  • s
    sheryl coffman S. C. sheryl c.

    Great for my finch seed blends love it!

    Fast good clean seed

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