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Scientific Name: (Urochloa ramosa = Brachiaria ramosa = Panicum ramosum)

Type: Warm season annual grass

Uses: Browntop is a leafy annual grass that grows from 2-3 feet tall producing heavy seed yields in about 50-60 days after emergence. It is a great plant for quail and doves on upland soils and ducks in flooded areas. Planting:   Date: April - August
  • Rate: 40 lbs./acre or 1 lb./1000 sq.ft.
  • Depth: ½" maximum
  • Best For: Deer, Turkey, Duck, Dove, Pheasant, Rabbit, and Quail

Browntop millet is a fast-growing seeded millet that produces a large number of seeds. This millet is grown in a variety of soils and climates. This item is one of the few millets that can be planted and flooded for ducks OR planted in dry areas for deer, quail, dove, turkey, and other wildlife.

Browntop is an early producer and can supply seeds in about 65+ days. Browntop can easily be over-seeded in erosion sites and added to conservation sites. It is used as a companion crop with many grassing seeds for early planting and forage. Plant in early April through August depending on the climate zone at the rate of 25-45 lb. per acre or in divided food plots alone or in combination with other crops. Browntop is a non-aggressive / non-invasive plant

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  • M
    Michael Meehan M. M. Michael M.

    Fast service

    Order was shipped promptly and arrived on time.

  • G
    Garrie Landry G. L. Garrie L.

    Brown Top Millet Purchase

    I ordered and received 2 50 pound bags if brown top millet which my finches absolutely love to eat. the service was great and shipment was very fast. thank you. I will return for sure.

  • B
    Blake Schaub B. S. Blake S.



  • C
    Charles Brown III C. B. I. Charles B. I.

    Fast shipping

    Very Fast Shipping can’t wait to get them planted!!

  • R
    Rodney Grimes R. G. Rodney G.

    Brown top millet

    Still waiting for it to grow🤞

  • T
    Thomas Harvell T. H. Thomas H.

    Good product

    Seed was clean, good condition. Sprouted quickly and is growing well.

  • G
    Gordon Jones G. J. Gordon J.

    Very Fast service

    Great shipping will buy from again!!!!

  • D
    Donald Jermyn D. J. Donald J.

    Send it

    Never got it

  • J
    John Milligan J. M. John M.

    Good company

    Quick delivery, great selection, excellent customer service.

  • D
    Danny Grant D. G. Danny G.

    Brown top Millet

    Seeds planted and popped the ground 3 days later.

  • M
    M. Timothy Elder M. T. E. M. T. E.


    Fast shipping; seed germinated quickly; no sign of trash in seeds. Would order from SeedWorld again.

  • R


    Received quickly, and in good condition. Thanks, Robert

  • W
    William Foster W. F. William F.

    Brown Millet Seed

    I'm very pleased with your seed and shipping

  • T
    Thomas Thornton T. T. Thomas T.

    Turkey and deer smorgasbord……..

    Was delivered,,and was just planted….will definitely be in touch with any more orders this season….

  • Willis . W. W.

    Extremely satisfied

    Appears to be high quality seed, shipped quickly, very happy. Plan to order again soon.

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