Millet Seed

Dove Proso Millet Seed


Dove Proso Millet

Type: warm season annual grass
Uses: These plants can reach 4 to 6 feet tall producing an open seed head similar to oats. A unique characteristic is the seed will not mature uniformly. They will start to ripen from the top of the head down, dislodging and dropping to the ground as they mature. The seeds are very shiny, slick and resist mold and mildew making them an excellent plant for doves, quail and ducks. The seed will mature in about 75 to 100 days after emergence.

Planting Date: April - July
Rate: 40 lbs./acre or 1 lb./1000 sq.ft.
Depth: 1/2" maximum

Best for: Turkey, Duck, Dove, Pheasant and Quail

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  • J
    Jerry Crocker J. C. Jerry C.


    Highly recommend.

  • G
    Greg G. Greg

    High Quality Seed- Low Quality Packaging

    High quality seed…… unfortunately every bag of millet I ordered was busted and leaking out of box. Maybe double bag the millet in the future. Sunflower seed & Chufa were great when they arrived.

  • H
    Hunter Gant H. G. Hunter G.

    Very fast shipping

    Very fast shipping

  • R
    Randall Minton R. M. Randall M.

    Dove Proso Millet

    Received seeds SUPERB packing planting in a couple days, just want to say my farm is remote the delivery driver found it and chilled with my 100lb dog thank goodness she was a dog person I was running a little late then we chatted an additional 15 minutes FedEx hats off but, because of that I shall make Seed World my first choice on seeds from now on... see its just that simple in life the small things. RJ

  • R
    Ronald Coker R. C. Ronald C.


    Very happy with my shipment now just waiting for weather so I can plant

  • E
    Edward Vieth III E. V. I. Edward V. I.

    Proso Millet

    Very fast germination 3 Days.

  • R
    Rick Hunton R. H. Rick H.

    Delivery was fast

    I planted my seed a week ago, we have had afternoon rains about every other day, I’ll go out to the farm this weekend hopefully to find some germination

  • C
    Casey Devillier C. D. Casey D.


    Came in quicker than expected and all boxes and bags in tac

  • D
    Daniel Blue D. B. Daniel B.

    Always great

    Excellent product and price

  • J
    Jay Jenkins Jr J. J. J. Jay J. J.

    Seed Delivery

    Just as I ordered and shipped quickly

  • J
    Justin Hensley J. H. Justin H.

    So far so good

    My seed arrived quickly and fair priced but lets wait and see how it grows.

  • B
    Brad Bentley B. B. Brad B.

    Got what I ordered

    Ready for opening day

  • A
    Andy Talton A. T. Andy T.

    Dove prosoe

    No problem. Hope to order again soon......

  • M
    Michelle Barrett M. B. Michelle B.

    Recieved as promised

    Great product and fast shipping! Excellent customer service! Thank you!

  • D
    Duncan D. Duncan

    Threw and grew

    First year trying a dove patch. Chose this seed because it's fairly low maintenance. Only was able to plant a small 1/2 acre plot due to lack of equipment (tiled with a 1970 something walk behind in an old pasture) I broadcasted roughly 10 pounds, used a garden to cover with lose dirt and made a couple passes back and forth with the truck. Low and behold some is head height while most is waist to sternum. Was going to burn but I believe I'll just wait and hopefully I'll get some quail out of it. Highly recommend

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