Haworthia Aristata Zebra Plant Succulent - 2.5"

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Zebra Plant Succulent

  • Light: Bright light, but not direct sunlight. These grow in similar conditions to other succulents. White or yellow leaves usually signify too much sun.
  • Water: Water evenly and generously in the summer, letting the soil media dry out between waterings. In the winter, reduce watering to every other month. Never allow water to collect in the rosette.
  • Temperature: Warmer summers but cool in the winter (down to 50°F).
  • Soil: Use a cactus mix or very fast-draining potting soil mixed with sand.
  • Fertilizer:Fertilize during the summer growing season with a cactus fertilizer. Don't feed during the winter.

Currently, we are unable to send plants to California.

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