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Green Tea Plant (Camelia Sininus)

Now you can grow your own tea plants! Fresh green tea leaves, with all of their health benefits, are yours for the picking all year long. Both green and black teas are easily produced from the leaves of this evergreen shrub. Hardy to zone 7 but can be easily grown in a pot and brought in during the winter. Tea shrubs can grow to 10 feet, but are usually kept to 4-5 feet for ease of harvesting. They can also be grown as a hedge or as an espalier up against a garden wall. 


Full Sun

Keep Moist


Apply slow release fertilizer every 2-3 months

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  • J
    Joshua Lacey J. L. Joshua L.

    Haven't received

    Ordered April 20th and haven't received May 4th.

  • B
    Belinda Messmer B. M. Belinda M.


    Looks good & came fast!

  • R
    Rolland Kerr R. K. Rolland K.

    Received Ashwagandha Plant (1 gal) in excellent Condition

    Totally satisified with the Ashwagandha Tea Plant we received from Seed World. Great quality, fair price & great packing! Would buy again from Seed World.

  • Wow, I'm Extremely Impressed
    Theresa Mancini T. M. Theresa M.

    Wow, I'm Extremely Impressed

    Ordered seed and two live plants. Didn't receive them at first, so I called. They were very polite, concerned and helpful. Another shipment was sent immediately. I've ordered live plants from many, many places over the years. You're lucky to get them still alive. But, the plants I got today arrived in absolutely pristine condition. Packed impeccably and so strong and healthy. I'm extremely impressed and would be thrilled to order from this company again. Great quality and top notch customer service. Good job! 👍

  • More instructions please
    Christina Bratcher C. B. Christina B.

    More instructions please

    The plants arrived in good health. They are in plastic bags inside a pot so I’m not sure if this is for shipping or humidity purposes. The tag on the plant tells how to make tea instead of how to take care of this plant. I am not going to be able to put it in the ground for a few more months so some direction on what type of soil & environment it needs to thrive would have been nice. Thankfully I have the internet, I just hope I find accurate & helpful information.

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