Up-Star SC Lawn & Nursery Bifenthrin Insecticide - 1 Gallon

Up-Star SC Insecticide Miticide 

Up-Star SC Insecticide/Miticide provides turf, lawn,and nursery care professionals with a powerful tool to control some of the most challenging pests in turf and ornamental applications. The SC formulation delivers stable suspension of the product in liquid, making Up-Star SC the superior choice for applicators to deliver long-lasting residual control. 

Golf courses, sod farms, nurseries, greenhouses, parks and recreational areas, athletic fields,and industrial areas are just some of the key areas where applicators rely on the Superior Choice for Superior Control, Up-Star SC from UPI.
  • Controls a Wide Variety of Common Pests
  • Flexible Label for Multiple Application Sites
  • SC Formulation Provides Excellent Tank-Mix Utility
  • Non-Damaging to Plants and Foliage
  • Labeled for restricted use by commerical turf, lawn, and nursery care professionals
Rate of use: 0.5-1 fl. oz. per 1000 sq. ft.; varies by pest controlled and area treated. See label for full instructions.
Active ingredient: 7.9% Bifenthrin

Category: Insecticide

Type: Insecticide

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