Ultra Saber Insecticide - 30 oz.


Active Ingredients 1% lambdacyhalothrin  Features and Benefits For long-lasting residual control of lice and horn flies on beef cattle and calves.
A broad-spectrum pest management insecticide to control horn flies and lice.
  • Contains the highly bioactive pyrethroid lambdacyhalothrin.
  • Convenient Squeeze ‘N’ Measure bottle dosing or use with automatic dosing systems, only two dosing sizes.
  • Economical, low-dosage volume.
Indications Pour-on insecticide for beef cattle & calves. 
For Control of Horn Flies and Lice. 
Do not apply to lactating or dry dairy cows. Do not apply - this product to face of beef cattle or calves.

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  • Verified buyer
    Bert Astleford B. A. Bert A.

    Amazing stuff

    Want to get rid of flies on your cows, then this is the stuff to use. Recommend to me by another farmer, holy "cow" this stuff works. With in minutes the flies were gone. They went from 50-100 flies to 1-5 in short order. It has remained this way since application. Give it a try. My farmer said 30ml which is double the Recommended dose, but you put it on alot less. Try it and like it.

  • Verified buyer
    Stephen Doyal S. D. Stephen D.

    Best price around!!

    This product was much less expensive through Seed World than any other company. I will definitely be ordering more from them!!

  • Verified buyer
    Gary Reichard G. R. Gary R.

    Saber Ultra Pour-on

    First time doing business with Seed World. Won't be the last. Product works great. Happy cows!

  • Verified buyer
    Lindy Yelton L. Y. Lindy Y.

    Ultra Saber

    Good price and fast shipping

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Category: Ultra Saber Insecticide

Type: Insecticide

Brand: Merck

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