Triple Superphosphate Fertilizer 0-46-0 - 50 Lbs.


Triple Super Phosphate 0-46-0 Fertilizer

Good for vegetables, fruit trees, bulbs, flowers and shrubs. Phosphorus increases rooting, blooming, stem strength, and flower formation. Not for spraying; spread over area and water in thoroughly, or incorporate into planting bed.

Rate of use: 

  • At planting: Use 5 lbs. per 200 square feet
  • Vegetables: 1 lb. per 50 foot of row
  • Roses or large shrubs: 1/4 cup per plant
  • Fruit Trees: 1 cup per inch of trunk diameter
  • Top dress: 1/4 to 1/2 cup per 20 square feet

Contains 46% Available Phosphorus (P2O5).


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  • r
    robert kiser R. K. robert k.

    No Issues

    Good price and fast shipping. Would buy from these folks again.

  • J
    John Michaels J. M. John M.

    Seed World

    Received my shipment when they said I would. I will be ordering my product from this company in the future.

  • W
    Willis Middlebrooks W. M. Willis M.

    Super phosphate

    Arrived on time and packaged very well.

  • Kevin Buickerood
    Kevin Buickerood K. B. Kevin B.

    Great for soil correction!

    I put down this product two years in a row now to help correct the lack of (P) in my NPK balance. I appreciate SeedWorld and their fair prices plus shipping.

  • R
    Robert Clarke R. C. Robert C.

    Good service

    Came in good time and intact….good service.

  • R
    Robert Clarke R. C. Robert C.

    Good service

    Came in good time and intact….good service.

  • I
    Ira Boots I. B. Ira B.

    Excellent Service

    My first order with Seed World and it was successful. They delivered my items on time and their service to me was excellent. Great company to use for your needs.

  • Barry Rankin
    Barry Rankin B. R. Barry R.

    Good quality fertilizer.

    Super phosphate provided good green growth evenly. Good!

  • J
    Jeff Morrison J. M. Jeff M.

    Great service

    They had what i needed and sent it right away.

  • S
    Steven Watford S. W. Steven W.


    No problems, no complaints. Highly recommended.

  • M
    Mary Stanley M. S. Mary S.

    Excellent Service!

    I placed an order on Monday afternoon. It was shipped the same day and I received it on Thursday. They did a great job of keeping me updated through emails. I’m very pleased with the product and I highly recommend this company! I will be using them again. Thank you SeedWorldUSA!

  • P
    Philip Van Rensburg P. V. R. Philip V. R.

    Purchase of 50lbs superphosphate fertilizer

    Great price, excellent delivery time, great packaging. Getting all my fertilizer there in the future

  • J
    John Krause J. K. John K.

    0-46-0 Fertilizer... my Florida Mango trees

    I ordered 50 pounds, it came in like three days. Application was cake, my trees will have super flowers in January. I expect a bumper crop. Thanks

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