Milorganite 6-4-0 Natural Fertilizer - 50 Lbs.

Milorganite's slow release formula delivers primary nutrients Nitrogen and Phosphorus to plants, as well as important micro-nutrients that plants need to develop, for up to 10 weeks after application. This provides even growth and better root development over a longer period of time. Because the nutrients are released at a rate that plants can utilize them, the fertilizer is less likely to leach into groundwater.

Proven for 90 years
Golf course professionals and homeowners have trusted Milorganite’s consistent, long-lasting results for nine decades. Now that’s proven!

Truly All Purpose
Milorganite is an all-purpose organic-nitrogen fertilizer and can be used safely on lawns, flowers, vegetables, shrubs and trees, as well as a carrier when spreading grass seed.

Doesn’t Burn Plants
You don’t have to worry about streaks, stripes or accidentally burning your lawn when you use Milorganite! It contains virtually no salts, so it won’t burn plants, even in the hottest temperatures or driest conditions. You don’t have to water it in. It’ll stay in the soil ready to work when moisture becomes available.

Iron for Greening without Staining
Grass needs iron for the long-lasting, deep, vibrant green lawn you want. Milorganite delivers organically complex iron throughout the feeding period and won’t stain concrete, unlike iron salts in some synthetic fertilizers.

Rate of use: 50 lbs. covers 8,000 square feet.

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