Topchoice Granular Insecticide - 50 Lbs.


Topchoice Insecticide

***Restricted Use Product - Professional Use Only... Provided Licence for Pick Up...

Local Pickup Only with Licence...

Apply Topchoice Insecticide to control Imported Fire Ants Solenopsis spp. in turfgrass and landscape beds in accordance with the application rate table. Also controls mole crickets, nuisance ants, fleas, and ticks. 

Rate of use: Use 2 pounds of product per 1,000 sq. ft. Approximate length of control is 1 year for Imported Fire Ants. See product label for control length of other pests.

Active Ingredients: Fipronil - 0.0143%

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  • C
    Cecil Edwards C. E. Cecil E.


    Could not have been better.

  • J
    John Billingsley J. B. John B.

    Everything was fine

    Received it during the rainstorm. It was packed very well. Nothing got wet. Will let you know how it works out when weather permits. John

  • C
    Casey Niebrugge C. N. Casey N.

    Excellent service

    We ordered our product and received it in two days! Excellent service. Thank you.

  • O
    Onassis Monye Ojobor O. M. O. Onassis M. O.

    Topchoice Granular Insecticide

    Topchoice Granular Insecticide is 100% effective for fire ants and it will hold then off the lawn for 1year, thanks for the product

  • R
    Reginald Thompson R. T. Reginald T.

    Top Choice Review

    Since I distributed Top Coice, I have not seen any insects on my lawn. I'm continuing to watch ant mounds for any activity and hope to continue getting positive results. There was a section that was filled with bugs and now they are gone and still have a half bag left to use in the future

  • T
    Tim Reich T. R. Tim R.


    Just as I ordered

  • S
    Steven Geller S. G. Steven G.

    Top choice

    Product works great ...shipping was super fast

  • G
    Glenda Taylor G. T. Glenda T.

    Satisfied Customer

    Product was delivered as promised. Very satisfied with the process.

  • M
    Matt H. M. H. Matt H.

    Great business with great products!!

    Great business with great products!!

  • D
    Danny S. D. S. Danny S.

    Top Choice

    This product is the Top Choice for Fire Ants also effective on Mole Crickets. Highly recommended on any Golf Course or common areas.

  • K
    Kyle B. K. B. Kyle B.

    Works great

    I owned a small landscaping company and always used Top Choice. I never had any ant problems. It works great on all sorts of pests. But, you'll need another insecticide for grubs.

  • T
    Tim Magill T. M. Tim M.

    Top Choice

    Ordered one day delivered 3 days later. Great service

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Type: Insecticide

Brand: Bayer

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