Tenacity Herbicide - 1 Gallon


Tenacity Herbicide

The Power of Tenacity Herbicide
  • Kills Crabgrass, Yellow Foxtail, Yellow Nutsedge, Bentgrass plus more tough weeds
  • Remember to use with a surfactant
  Tenacity is a selective, systemic herbicide that features a new mode of action for pre- and post-emergence grass and broadleaf weed control in several cool- and warm-season turf species--like keeping bentgrass out of your rough. Tenacity can also be applied on established or newly seeded turf.
What is the mode of action of Tenacity herbicide? Tenacity inhibits a plant enzyme called HPPD that is essential to photosynthesis and prevents the formation of carotenoids in susceptible plant species. Without carotenoids, light energy and by-products of photosynthesis will destroy chlorophyll and cell membranes. This results in bleaching of leaves followed by necrosis and death of the plant.   How quickly does Tenacity work? Once absorbed, Tenacity quickly translocates throughout the plant. Weed growth is suppressed soon after application, as photosynthesis is disrupted. The death of the plant usually occurs within two to three weeks.   What turf species can Tenacity be applied to? Tenacity can be applied to many of the turf types commonly found on fairways, roughs, or for sod production, such as Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, tall fescue, fine fescue, centipedegrass, and St. Augustinegrass (sod only). Lower use rates are recommended for perennial ryegrass, fine fescue, and St. Augustinegrass. Tenacity is not for use on putting greens.

Rate of use: Apply at 4-8 fl. oz. per acre in at least 30 gallons of water.
Herbi-Oil recommended being used with this product during hot Summer months to keep Tenacity from evaporating before it has been absorbed by the plant sprayed.
Active Ingredients: Mesotrione - 40%
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Brand: Syngenta

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