Sweet Cocktail Tomato Plant - 1 Gallon

Dibbs Farm

The sweet cocktail tomato offers a uniquely compact plant with great-tasting fruit! The lush tomatoes have soft skin with an extra sweet flavor. The plant has an upward growth habit and can grow up to 3 ft. tall once its first fruit turns color. It performs well both indoors and outdoors so come winter, you can bring your tomato plant inside. 

Care information

Place your tomato plant in a location that receives full to partial sun. As a compact variety, repotting isn't necessary but if desired, your tomato can be planted in a 8" pot. Take care to prevent the plant from drying out by ensuring moderate, regular watering. As a determinate tomato, it will stay compact and produce fruit within a short period of time. The plant will continue to produce fruit from side shoots. As the fruit ripens, pick as required and remember that the finest flavor will be achieved if tomatoes are allowed to mature while still on the plant.

Fertilize every 2 months with a slow release formula to ensure optimal fruit production. Plant will perform best in weather above 40°F.

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Type: edible plant

Brand: Dibbs Farm

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