Shuttle O Miticide - 1 Pint


Shuttle O Miticide

Shuttle O is a miticide for the control of:

Citrus red mite (Panonychus citri), European red mite (Panonychus ulmi), Pacific spider mite (Tetranychus pacificus), Texas citrus mite (Eutetranychus banski), Spruce spider mite (Oligonychus ununquis), Strawberry spider mite (Tetranychus turkestani), Willamette spider mite (Eotetranychus willamettei), Two spotted spider mite (Tetranychus urticae and Tetranychus cinnabarinus), and Broad mite (Polyphagotarsonamus latus).


Rate of use: Two spotted spider mite: 31 fl. oz. per acre. For all other pests: Between 6.4 - 12.8 fl. oz per acre.

Active Ingredients: Acequinocyl - 15.8%
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Category: Shuttle O Miticide - 1 Pint

Type: Miticide

Brand: OHP

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