Carbaryl 4L Insecticide (Sevin SL), Drexel - 2.5 Gallon


Carbaryl 4L insecticide is for use in Agriculture, Commercial and Residential sites.

Effectively controls a wide range of insects in turf grasses, golf turf, ornamentals and crops across multiple sites.

Features and Benefits

  • Contains 4 pounds of Carbaryl per gallon
  • Registered for use in residential lawns and gardens
  • Readily disperses in water for aerial and ground application
  • Active Ingredients: Carbaryl 42.6%


Will Carbaryl 4L kill honey bees?
Carbaryl 4L is highly toxic to bees exposed to direct treatment. The product is less hazardous to bees once spray residues have dried. See label for precautions concerning bees.

What are the grazing restrictions Carbaryl 4L?
There are various grazing restrictions and precautions depending on the applications site. Please consult the label for specific restrictions.

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  • M
    Monti Vandiver M. V. Monti V.

    great serice

    After a product was damaged in transit SeedWorld quickly reshipped the order.

  • T
    Tracy Nixon T. N. Tracy N.

    Shipping issue

    As of today the product has yet to arrive. I have been following the updates and it was sent all the way across the country and now finally appears to be back on the east coast in my state. That makes absolutely no sense. Not sure I’d buy from this company again.

  • D
    D Parks D. P. D P.

    Excellent service

    I got what I needed at a fair price and delivered quickly.

  • H
    Hal Kenyon H. K. Hal K.

    Would buy again when needed

    well packaged and looks to be doing the job for pecan weevils.

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