Segovis Fungicide - 1 Pint


Segovis Fungicide

 Segovis fungicide sets a higher standard for Phytophthora spp. and downy mildew control. Its strong activity and systemic properties provide long-lasting control when applied as a drench or foliar spray at low use rates. Fueled by a new mode of action, Segovis is a critical part of a rotation program to help manage disease resistance on a wide range of plants, trees and shrubs.

Active Ingredients: Oxathiapiprolin

Apply Segovis as a foliar protectant fungicide for control of diseases caused by downy mildews and Phytophthora spp. Segovis can also be applied as a drench to plants grown in containers and in-ground for control of root and stem diseases caused by Phytophthora spp.

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