Scotts Lawn Fungus Control - 10 Lbs

Scotts Lawn Fungus Control

Scott Lawn Fungus Control helps prevent and control Brown Patch, Dollar Spot, and other common lawn diseases. Its systemic action formula also aids in starting the plant's healing process. Use Scotts Lawn Fungus control for prevention and curative effect on common lawn diseases.
Controls the following turfgrass diseases: Brown Patch, Dollar Spot, Stripe Smut, Pink Patch,
Red Thread, Copper Spot, Anthracnose.
Suppresses the following turfgrass diseases: Fusarium Blight, Necrotic Ring Spot, Summer Patch
Rate of use: 6.75 lbs. covers 5000 sq. ft.
Active ingredient: 2.3% Thiophanate-methyl

Product Label

Type: Fungicide

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