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Roundup QuikPro Herbicide - 6.8 Lbs.

Roundup QuikPro Herbicide

1 Jug Makes 72 Gallons of Spray Solution 

Active Ingredients:

  • 73.3% Glysophate
  • 2.9% Diquat

Powered by Roundup Technology – is the latest and greatest in the turf and ornamental herbicide line-up from Monsanto.

With Roundup QuikPRO there is simply no better choice for immediate, visible results and unsurpassed weed control.


  • Visible results in as little as 24 hours – that’s up to four times faster than liquid formulations of Roundup
  • Quick uptake speeds weed-killing power right to the root, where it can’t wash away. 
  • Rainfast in one hour. 
  • Quick burn down and complete control, roots and all, reduce the hassle of customer complaints and callbacks.


  • Easy-to-Find Blue Jug 
  • Labeled Precision Measuring Device 
  • Child-Resistant Cap with Aluminum Seal 
  • 30% of the Weight of Liquid 
  • Dustless Dry Granule Formula 
  • Easily Mixes with Water 
  • Stays in Solution Without Agitation 
  • Easy Clean-Up

Product Label

Category: Roundup QuikPro

Type: Herbicide

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