Roundup ProMax Herbicide - 1.67 Gallons


Roundup Promax Herbicide Concentrate

Roundup Promax is a new potassium salt formulation. This smaller molecule allows concentration of more active ingredients in every gallon. With its more concentrated formula, one gallon of Roundup Promax contains the glyphosate acid equivalent of 6 quarts of Roundup Pro.

Roundup Promax controls a broad spectrum of weeds with virtually no re-growth. It has a unique surfactant system that's more concentrated and gets to the root faster, so you don't have to worry so much about the weather or costly callbacks.

Rate of use: Make a broadcast application of 3.0 quarts per acre of Roundup Promax herbicide to actively growing cool-season turfgrass in late summer. Mix 2 oz of Roundup Promax herbicide per gal water for handgun or spot treatment applications. No additional surfactant needed or recommended.

Active ingredient: 48.7% Glyphosate


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