PT Phantom II Insecticide - 14 Oz


A.I. 0.5% Chlorfenapyr

Non repellent pressurized insecticide with broad
spectrum control including bed bugs, ants and

Registered for use in food handling areas

Pro insecticide that is an excellent option for rotation
programs to help prevent chemical resistance in insect
System III

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  • Verified buyer
    Janice Ledbetter J. L. Janice L.

    BBB (Best Buy for Bugs) EVER!

    The warning instructions were so intense, I almost didn't use it. But I followed through with protective clothing and washing instructions. This is by far the best pesticide I've ever used. I saw immediate results! The next day, there were no small critters on my counters, and I began seeing slow crawling adult critters! Now I don't see any at all. It's only been one week!!! Great day!!!!!!!! It also got rid of the fruit flies and gnats were lingering even after taking the trash out every night! Three cheers for Phantom II!

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Category: PT Phantom II Insecticide

Type: Insecticide

Brand: BASF

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