PT 565 Plus XLO Pressurized Contact Insecticide - 20 Oz


PT 565 Plus XLO is a non-residual contact insecticide with a slight odor. It is labeled for just about every insect you could have a problem with, including bed bugs. This is also known as Prescription Treatment (PT) 565 Plus XLO. 565 Plus XLO is ideal for quick knockdown of listed insects and flushing cracks and crevices. It can also be used as a void treatment and as a space spray for flying insects, pantry pests, stored product pests, and more.

565 Plus XLO Aerosol must be above 60 degrees F for use. If can temperature is below 60 degrees F, store at room temperature until a temperature above 60 degrees F is reached.

565 Plus XLO Aerosol comes with 2 different actuators.  One to use for a space spray, and the other to use with the crack and crevice straw.  The crack and crevice straw will NOT fit into the space spray actuator.

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