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Premise Foam Termicide

Premise Foam Termicide

For Pest Management Professionals and Commercial Use Only To KILL subterranean termite species of Coptotermes, Heterotermes, Reticulitermes, and Zootermopsis. For use by individuals/firms licensed or registered by the state to apply general pest control products or termiticide products. States may have more restrictive requirements regarding qualifications of persons using this product. Consult the structural pest control regulatory agency of your state prior to use of this product. 18 Ounces Net Contents 03780574 80025432C 140123AV1 For MEDICAL And TRANSPORTATION Emergencies ONLY Call 24 Hours A Day 1-800-334-7577 For PRODUCT USE Information Call 1-800-331-2867 ACTIVE INGREDIENT: 
Imidacloprid,1-[(6-Chloro-3-pyridinyl)methyl]-N-nitro-2-imidazolidinimine .... 0.05% 
OTHER INGREDIENTS:...... 99.95% 
TOTAL: 100.00%

Category: Termiticide

Type: Insecticide

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