PlantMates Scatter Box Spreader

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  • Ideal for applying fertilizer, grass seed, and ice melters
  • Rust- and corrosion-resistant
  • Durable Polypropylene
  • Spreads over an 8- to 12-foot swath

This blue scatter box is about as simple and effective as broadcast spreading gets. Four settings determine the drop rate of the hopper's contents, while the hand crank shoots a swath of about 8 to 12 feet, depending on the rate of your turn. Fortunately, the crank is easy to turn (unlike many heavier plastic brands), and recommended settings are printed in detail on the side of the box for quick reference. Be warned, however: hand-held spreaders are limited, not only because of their size (this hopper holds only about 3 pounds of fertilizer and 1-1/2 pounds of lightweight product), but also their content capacity, which allows for granular spreads but not much finer materials. Used for limited jobs, though, this spreader extends simple convenience that can't be matched.

From the Manufacturer

The Plantmates All-Purpose Spreader/Applicator is a versatile, all-purpose applicator that can be used for seed, fertilizers, ice melters, and granular insecticides. It is rust and corrosion resistant, made of tough polypropylene that washes clean with water so it's easy for you to maintain. It is fully assembled and built to last. It spreads a 8-12 foot swath, or you can reverse the crank for application to narrow areas. It has an easy single on/off switch and a flow rate setting adjuster knob. The handy flow rate setting chart molded on the side of the hopper helps you decide on the appropriate setting for any job.

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