Phantom Termiticide Insecticide - 75 Oz.


Phantom Termiticide & Insecticide 

Phantom is a termiticide and insecticide for the control of termites and other pests. Phantom is effective on Reticulitermes spp., Coptotermes spp., and Heterotermes spp. The objective of soil treatments with Thantom is to establish a treated zone between the wood and other cellulose material in the structure and the termite populations in the soil for the purpose of protecting the structure from termite infestation and/or controlling existing termite populations. Treatment standards for subterranean termite control may vary due to state/local regulations, treatment procedures, soil types, construction practices and other factors.

Phantom can be used to control many pests, including: ants, beetles, bark scorpions, bed bugs, boxelder bugs, centipedes, cockroaches, spiders, and more.

**Phantom is not a knockdown agent.

Usage: 0.75-1.5 fl. oz./gallon

Active ingredient: 21.45% Chlorfenapyr

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Category: Insecticide, Termiticide

Type: Insecticide

Brand: BASF

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