PBO 8 Synergist Adjuvant Insecticide - 1 Gallon

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PBO 8 Synergist Adjuvant Insecticide

PBO 8 Synergist Insecticide Adjuvant is a synergist for many classes of insecticide improving efficacy, allowing lower use rates and preventing resistance.

Its ideal tank mix allows for reduced rates with maintained efficacy, provides flushing action, and restores efficacy where resistance has developed. It can be used in residential dwellings or indoors in commercial or institutional buildings (including food processing and handling areas), turf and ornamentals, crops (including greenhouses and nurseries), on livestock, and livestock housing.

Rate of use: Between 2-8 fluid ounces dependent upon the insecticide it is being mixed with. (See product label below for full list)

Active Ingredients: Piperonyl Butoxide 91.3%

Product Label

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