Nursery Mix 23-4-8 Osmocote Fertilizer - 50 Lbs.


Nursery Mix 23-4-8 Fertilizer with Osmocote

Everris 23-4-8 Nursery Mix fertilizer contains Osmocote coated N-P-K blended with micronutrients and other fertilizer technologies to deliver nutrition consistently within specified longevities--this formulation is designed to last 5-6 months at 70 degrees F. It can be used for general purpose outdoor production of nursery stock, foliage, and in landscapes.

  • This product contains coated urea nitrogen featuring E-Max Release Technology and uncoated, granular micronutrients
  • Can be incorporated or surface applied
  Rate of use: 3.5-9.5 lbs./cubic yard (incorporation rate); 8.5-17.5 lbs./1000 sq. ft. (landscape rate)   Guaranteed analysis: 23% Total nitrogen (6.4% ammoniacal, 5.7% nitrate, 10.9% urea) 4% Available phosphate 8% Soluble potash 1.4% Magnesium (0.6% water soluble) 4% Sulfur (4% combined) 0.055% Copper (0.001% water soluble) 0.95% Iron (0.001% water soluble) 0.35% Manganese (0.23% water soluble) 0.11% Zinc (0.001% water soluble)   For professional use only.

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