Osmocote 13-13-13 Classic Fertilizer

Osmocote General Purpose Slow Release Fertilizer

Great Fertilizer for Roses!

General-purpose formulation for wide variety of plant types. 8-9 months longevity. Suitable for use in nurseries, foliage and greenhouse production, container gardens, interiorscapes, and landscapes.

  • general-purpose formulation for a wide variety of plant types
  • excellent as a base feed for heavy-feeding greenhouse and nursery crops
  • ideal for topdressing established hanging baskets and perennials
  • safe for long-term feeding of interior foliage plants
    • eliminates repeated applications, saving time and labor costs
    • for optimum results, use in combination with Micromax® micronutrients
    •  13% Total Nitrogen (7.5% ammoniacal, 5.5% nitrate)
    • 13% Available Phosphate
    • 13% Soluble Potash


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