Mono Potassium Phosphate 0-54-34 Soluble Fertilizer


Haifa MKP Phosphorus and Potassium Fertilizer

  • Nitrogen-free fertilizer, Haifa MKP is the preferred source of phosphorus and potassium; when nitrogen fertilization should be limited
  • Phosphorus and potassium are needed at high rates for the establishment of healthy root systems
  • Ideal fertilizer for nutrigation and foliar application
  • 0-52-34 is free of chloride, sodium and other detrimental elements of plants
  • Has a moderately low pH and low salt index
  • Fully water-soluble and consists of 100% plant nutrients

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    • n
      noah anderson N. A. noah a.

      Plants love it!

      So far so good! Plants are happy and leaf tips are raised! Will be ordering again!!!

    • J
      John Moore J. M. John M.

      Great price!

      Mono Potassium Phosphate 0-54-34 Soluble Fertilizer

    • Z
      Zhiqiang Wang Z. W. Zhiqiang W.

      Well packaged. Fast shipping!

      Good quality!

    • w
      wesley king W. K. wesley k.


      Fast Shipping and great product

    • R
      Rengesh Krishnaswamy R. K. Rengesh K.

      Monopotassium phosphate

      I ordered some fertilizer for my plants on Friday evening without realizing weekends the store will be closed.I ordered 7 kegs of sulfur instead of 1 kg of sulfur and hit the order button. Immediately after I hit the button I realized but trued to rectify it but I couldn’t. I immediately contacted them by email and waited and waited and I got a response a few days after I received my order. Paralelly I tried calling the store and no response on Monday and Tuesday and finally after about 5-6 times of calling at different times someone picked my phone and since my order wasn’t shipped they corrected the order.

    • N
      Nicholas Tropea N. T. Nicholas T.

      Great product and fast shipping

      Great product and fast shipping

    • D
      Dylan Goodwin D. G. Dylan G.

      Best Bang For Your Buck

      Spent a while looking for a highly concentrated form of phosphorus and potassium to use as a bloom booster and this was the best price I could find online for such a product. Don’t waste your money on name brand, or liquid. This is so easy to use, even with a foliar sprayer, do yourself a favor and buy some.

    • J
      Jeffrey Zimmerman J. Z. Jeffrey Z.

      Liquid fertilizer

      Fertilizer arrived o time . Thanks very much! effrey Zimmerman Chama, NM

    • Fanjia Zeng
      Fanjia Zeng F. Z. Fanjia Z.

      Works great on tomatoes

      Got 1 Lb of mono pot phosphate for my tomato. It works great and the shopping was really fast I was surprised. Thanks seed world!

    • J
      John Ellis J. E. John E.

      Super clean and did what it's supposed to do

      Super clean and did what it's supposed to do

    • L
      Leah Holly L. H. Leah H.


      Everything I have applied this to has responded with the Yum Yum factor. All plants looking much happier. Will be keeping this on hand to spoil my plants.

    • P
      Pavel Antropov P. A. Pavel A.

      Mono Potassium Phosphate

      Great seller. Excellent product quality. Fast shipping. Thank you!

    • P

      Cheap quick MPK

      Cheap MPK that was quick and got me going. Will do business again

    • hicks . H. h.


      Fast delivery, good product and I instruction included in the package.

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