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99.8% Pure Potassium Nitrate Powder (Saltpeter)

Potassium nitrate is used in a variation of ways, but mostly seen in fertilizers and the removal of tree stumps. Produces wonderful nourishments for plants and promotes healthy and efficient plant growth as well. Providing nutrients is a vital part of the metabolic process in the plant's cell that acts as a water management source for the plant, ensuring a healthy style of living.

Characteristic Ratings

  • Colorless and Odorless
  • Water-soluble and chloride free
  • Protect chloride sensitive crops (strawberries, lettuce, beans, etc.)
  • Produce Fertilizer Blends
  • Greenhouse Grade

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  • B
    Beth Powers B. P. Beth P.

    Potassium Nitrate

    It was very easy and reasonable to purchase the Potassium Nitrate which I use for seed soaking, foliar sprays, and more to encourage fruit production and flowering and germination

  • R
    Randy Myers R. M. Randy M.

    Just what I needed!

    Great product and at great price. I did math and they’re the cheapest. Also surprised to get my shipment several days early. Thanks, I will be ordering from Seed World again.

  • G
    Gregory Sikora G. S. Gregory S.

    potassium nitrate

    Loved the product, but shipping was slow. It took almost 2 weeks to arrive.

  • S
    Scott Shepherd S. S. Scott S.

    Product seems fine, not used yet.

    Product seems fine, four stars due to packaging failure, fortunately double wrapped as clear inner wrap failed in shipping. Good idea to carefully open opaque outer wrap and make sure product is contained.

  • p
    patrick ream P. R. patrick r.

    good service

    Fast and what I wanted

  • R
    Richard E Moutray R. E. M. Richard E. M.

    Stump killing time

    It was twice what I needed but cheaper that way, and I'm sure I can find some use for it. Maybe flowers? If you pay $14 per 2lb at home depot killing a dozen stumps is really going to add up fast. There are other companies with 50lb cheaper but add in $100+ for S&H then seedword is the best price with low shipping costs and I'm 3 states over. Hopefully I don't need to ever buy more, but if I do I'll get it from seedworld.

  • D
    Davis Negrete D. N. Davis N.

    Probably fine

    When the order arrived, the plastic bag had a small hole in it so there was some spillage/loose granules that had come out in transport and I had to put it in a new container. But overall it wasn't a huge deal. As long as my plants like it, I'll be satisfied.

  • T
    Timothy Sawyer T. S. Timothy S.

    Great product....bad packaging

    I have bought this several times....however this time...they just dumped the powder into a USPS bag which leaked out the ingredients into the shipping box.............don't do this again Seed World....not good.

  • O
    Olga Vazquez O. V. Olga V.

    Exactly what I needed.

    Well packaged, and the right amount of chemical. I do not like keeping chemicals around and prefer to buy the chemicals every season. The communication and delivery time was excellent. I can say that I am 100% satisfied.

  • K
    Karen Brvenik K. B. Karen B.

    Good to go

    Every thing came in.. one of the other chemicals that shipped had a bag leaking. It is all fine though and not the fault of the company that the manufacturer packaging is failing

  • A

    just what I needed packaged great

    It's Potassium Nitrate packaged in resealable bags, inside another bag inside a box. very happy with the quality of the product and the pains used to make sure it arrived in a good and usable condition. will definitely buy again.

  • R
    Robin Palculict R. P. Robin P.

    Fast shipping

    My order came in fast and with zero issues.

  • M
    Muwei Zhang M. Z. Muwei Z.

    Good product and fast shipping

    Good product and fast shipping

  • R
    Robert Bunao R. B. Robert B.



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