Marathon 1% G Insecticide - 5 Lbs.


Marathon 1% Imidacloprid Granules

Greenhouse and Nursery Insecticide   Marathon 1% G is a highly-active insecticide that demonstrates systemic activity in plants when applied to the soil surface or incorporated into the media. It offers up to 12 weeks of residual control on ornamental plants for resale grown in the greenhouse or nursery.   Labeled for use on: Ornamentals, non-bearing fruit and nut trees, and vegetable transplants in greenhouses, nurseries and interior plantscapes
Insects controlled:
Aphids, whiteflies, thrips, mealybugs, soft scale   Rate of use: 1/8-1 1/2 teaspoons per pot, depending on size. See label for complete instructions   Active ingredient: 1% Imidacloprid

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  • M
    Michael Schuchmann M. S. Michael S.


    Excellent service

  • P
    Philip Davis P. D. Philip D.

    an old reliable product

    A hassle free pesticide application

  • S
    Samuel Garcia S. G. Samuel G.

    Good service

    Super fast shipping, great packaging.

  • A
    Austin Grevious A. G. Austin G.


    Fast and efficient

  • J
    John Hudak J. H. John H.

    Got it

    Got it

  • L
    LaFaye Simmons L. S. LaFaye S.

    Great addition

    We love this product! Works very well and enjoy shopping with Seedworld it’s my second time and they’ve done very well !

  • N
    Nancy Haffelder N. H. Nancy H.

    Marathon is great for African Violets

    I have been using Marathon for my African Violets for several years and would highly recommend it.

  • M
    Mary Bess Williams M. B. W. Mary B. W.

    Pleased with overall purchase.

    Great product. Delivery was prompt.

  • M
    Mary Harden M. H. Mary H.

    Online order of Marathon insecticide

    Thanks for shipping so promptly! Packaging was perfect and the Marathon arrived in excellent condition.

  • J
    Jared Spruill J. S. Jared S.

    As expected

    Products shipped quickly and got the products expected. Also the best pricing by far that I could find.

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