InTice Gelanimo Ant Bait Gel - 6 x 4 Oz. Cups

RockWell Labs

InTice Gelanimo Ant Bait Gel Cups (6)

InTice Gelanimo is a patent pending, "rigid gel" formulation (similar to gelatin). The rigid gel contains a high moisture content yet remains rigid at temperatures up to 130 degrees F. Since ants can walk on top of the bait, more ants can feed at one time. Ants will initially feed in large numbers, but then disappear. InTice Gelanimo is designed to allow worker ants to take the product back to the nest and deliver it to the rest of the colony. Monitor the bait placements and ensure there is always a fresh supply of InTice Gelanimo Ant Bait at each placement.  
  • Multiple ants can feed at once without drowning in the bait and can easily cut and carry pieces of Gelanimo back to the nest site
  • No spills, no mess - Gelanimo will not become sticky or gooey
  • For indoor and outdoor use, including food areas
  • 4 oz cups are designed to be used with the InTice Border Patrol Station for long term control of heavy outdoor infestations
  Rate of application: for perimeter defense, place bait stations 5-10 feet apart   Active Ingredient: 3% Sodium Tetraborate Decahydrate (borax)

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Brand: RockWell Labs

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