Image Nutsedge Herbicide Ready-To-Spray "Weed Killer" - 32 oz.


Image Nutsedge Herbicide Ready-To-Spray "Weed Killer"


IMAGE Kills Nutsedge is a post-emergent, selective herbicide for use on southern turfgrass and selected ornamentals. Its patented formula starves weeds to death. IMAGE Kills Nutsedge targets the toughest southern weeds Yellow & Purple Nutsedge or Nutgrass, Wild Onion and Garlic, Dollarweed, Field Sandbur, Ryegrass, Crabgrass, unwanted Bahiagrass, White Clover, Henbit, Chickweed, Annual Bluegrass, Virginia Buttonweed, and Dandelion.

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Category: Herbicide

Type: Herbicide

Brand: Image

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