Hexygon IQ Miticide 1 qt

Gowan Company, LLC

Hexygon  Ovicide/Miticide

Hexygon is a proven long lasting miticide, providing consistent residual control for up to 60 days in proper conditions. Hexygon's unique mode of action provides effective ovicidal and immature stage control. Adult female mites exposed to sprays or foliar deposits of Hexygon will lay non-viable eggs--controlling mite population through life cycle interruption. 

Hexygon is ideal in an IPM program, compatible with most horticultural pesticides and adjuvants. Use on ornamental plants, as well as nonbearing trees and vines growing in nurseries and greenhouses. Hexygon is also ideal for established ornamental landscape plantings. The granular formulation is easy to measure, mix, and handle with low use rates and minimal PPE required.

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    5 star rating Alan Fisher A. F. Alan F.

    Once a year product to kill spider mite eggs and larvae

    How often is any miticide effective for a quarter century? By carefully demanding that users apply the product only once per growing season, Gower has been able to keep Hexygon effective for more than a quarter century. I do not follow technical reports, but I have been using this product for at least 25 years and hope it remains effective, with a long residual, for another quarter century. Rotate with horticultural oil and a Neem product growth regulator to work with an adult miticide to make any program to fight mites more effective. Seed World is an outstanding supplier -- excellent prices, prompt shipping, and terrific customer service.

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