Hachi Hachi SC Insecticide - 64 Oz.


Hachi-Hachi SC Insecticide

15% Suspension Concentrate

Hachi-Hachi SC is the newest release from SePRO's growing line of non-neonicotinoid insecticides. The new and improved formulation provides the same spectacular, broad-spectrum insect control with better crop safety. SePRO has worked diligently to bring the improved formulation of this highly effective chemistry to the ornamental market. In cooperation with IR-4, Hachi-Hachi SC has been extensively tested for both efficacy and crop safety across many species and environments. The results continue to demonstrate Hachi-Hachi SC to be a phenomenal tool for growers.
  Features of Hachi-Hachi SC Insecticide:  
  • Superior thrips and aphid control with no known resistance
  • Improved formulation that is easy-to-use and has better crop safety
  • Active on eggs, nymphs and adults
  • Contact activity that stops the damage caused by feeding
  • Excellent efficacy on scale, leafhoppers and early instar lepidopteran insects
  As a foundation chemistry for superior thrips control, Hachi-Hachi SC fills an immediate gap in the available chemistries for an affordable, viable thrips control options with no known resistance issues.   Rate of use: 14-22 fl. oz./100 gallons for greenhouse cut flowers, and 21-32 fl. oz./100 gallons for greenhouse ornamentals
Active ingredient: 
15% Tolfenpyrad

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