(On Backorder) Green Clean FX Algaecide 17 oz

BioSafe Systems

Liquid bacteria contains 68 strains of highly concentrated beneficial bacteria to promote clean water

* Liquid bacteria reduces ammonia, nitrites and excess nutrients that cause odor

* Bacteria liquid concentrate also contains micronutrients for healthy aquatic life

Minimize organic load and reduce odors in your pond as you lower the ammonia and nitrite. One-of-a-kind GreenClean XTREME Liquid Bacteria contains 68 strains of beneficial bacteria that work together to achieve the clear results you want quickly and effectively. This unique product is designed to bring pond water back into balance, while helping fish and aquatic life flourish in a healthy environment. GreenClean XTREME Liquid Bacteria can be used all season to eliminate cloudy waters and odors.

Cloudy water can be the result of fish waste, decaying organic debris, or nutrient overloads. This concentrated liquid naturally balances and attacks out-of-control organic buildup, clearing up water. All natural formulation reduces organic loads, which helps keep your pond ecosystem and the aquatic life it supports healthier and more stable. In addition, it eliminates toxic ammonia levels, reducing unpleasant odors and creating a more hospitable environment for aquatic life.

Ideal for New Ponds and Ponds with Aquatic Life, Odor Free (Unlike Other Products), Can be Used All Season,Reduces Ammonia, Nitrates, Fish Waste, and Debris, Eliminates Cloudy Waters and Odors

Unique container allows you to measure with no fuss, no mess. Use with GreenClean Algaecide for a sparkling clear, healthy, algae-free pond. Use 1 oz per 1,000 gallons of pond water


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Category: Algaecide

Type: bactericide

Brand: BioSafe Systems

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