GreenClean Pro Granular Algaecide Fungicide - 50 Lbs

BioSafe Systems

GreenClean Pro Granular Algaecide is a fast-acting irrigation water treatment tool that is an integral part in proper irrigation system maintenance. Utilizing BioSafe System’s patented activated peroxygen chemistry, GreenClean Pro treats a broad spectrum of algae types, including filamentous and planktonic blue-green algae.

Due to its unique APC technology, GreenClean Pro’s powerful oxidation reaction provides additional efficacy against general bacterial and fungal pathogens in the water column, including but not limited to bacterial coliforms. GreenClean Pro kills and suppresses algae, reduces pathogenic organisms and is proven safe for all crops.

  • For irrigation canals and reservoirs
  • Effective on all types of algae, bacteria, and fungi
  • Immediate algae control & reduced toxicity
  • No run-off concerns
  • Effective food safety tool


Active ingredient: 85% Sodium Carbonate Peroxyhydrate

Application rate varies from 3-90 lbs/acre foot depending on species being treated. See label for instructions.

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Based on 2 reviews 5.0/
  • J
    Josiah Kuenzi J. K. Josiah K. us

    Good product

    Works well and you can see results instantly when the granules fall on the algae - doesn't kill fish if used sparingly as directed. Be careful not to get it on you or breathe in if wind is blowing your way

  • D
    David Alvarez D. A. David A. us


    came quickly as expected

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