Goosegrass/Crabgrass Control Herbicide - 28.8 Lbs.

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Goosegrass/Crabgrass Control Herbicide

Goosegrass/Crabgrass Control combines oxadiazon and bensulide for season-long preemergent control of crabgrass and goosegrass in bermudagrass, zoysiagrass, tall fescue, bentgrass, perennial bluegrass and perennial ryegrass. It is convenient, dry-applied, free-flowing, and ready-to-use with the right blend of particle sizes for optimum turf coverage and weed control. For use on bentgrass fairways, tees and bentgrass and bermudagrass greens. May be applied by drop type push and rotary push spreader.

Rate of use: 2.62 Lbs. per 1000 sq. ft. or 4 bags per acre

Active Ingredients:
Bensulide - 5.25%
Oxadiazon - 1.31%

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