Balan Herbicide Crabgrass Preventer - 40 Lbs.

The Anderson's

Balan Herbicide Crabgrass Preventer

Balan Granular Herbicide provides preemergent control of crabgrass and other listed annual grasses. One 40 pound bag will cover 21,700 square feet at a medium rate of use.  
  • Dispersible granule feature (DG Pro) reduces particle visibility and assists in herbicide distribution
  • Consistently sized particles reduce segregation potential
  • Small particle formulation more particles per square inch for better herbicide distribution
  Rate of use: for northern (cool season) turfgrasses, apply 1.38-1.84 lbs./1000 sq. ft.; for southern (warm season) turfgrasses, apply 1.84-2.75 lbs./1000 sq. ft.   Active ingredient: 2.5% Benefin


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  • Customer Service Review, Product Review to a Lesser Extent
    David Peichert D. P. David P.

    Customer Service Review, Product Review to a Lesser Extent

    The product is great as I have used it to control crabgrass in my lawn for many turf seasons here in Connecticut. This is the first time purchasing it from this seller. The product arrived earlier than was estimated, however, when it arrived one of the two boxes was had this granular product spilling out of it. I responded to the first email requesting a review of the product from the seller. I sent not one but two emails to give them a heads-up the was an issue the FedEx delivered product before writing a review to provide the seller and opportunity to be aware of the delivery problem. Both emails triggered a response that my inquires were received and were being evaluated by the seller. I continued to get one or two email requests for a product review. Now being more than a week since my first email and I've heard nothing from the seller and at this point I assume I will not. I chose to write this as a warning to buyer's that customer service after the sale could be an issue to aware of, maybe this is just a one time problem, maybe it's a seasonal back log, who knows. As mentioned, this my first purchase with this seller and the order arrived earlier than estimated which is great but the damaged packaging and spilling was not so great. Worse yet, no response from the seller after more than a week and two requests for assistance. I would have added a picture here but there doesn't appear to be a place to upload any pics.

  • R
    Randy Futch R. F. Randy F.

    Fast Shipping Thank you

    Very pleased with the quick shipping . I will most likely order in the future

  • D
    David Reininger D. R. David R.

    balan 2.5%

    I will not use this product until February, 2024. Thanks for asking.

  • S
    Steve Mullis S. M. Steve M.


    Have not applied to soil yet and will not until late winter. Fast service and the product I ordered was correct. Plan to order again later.

  • R
    Richard L. R. L. Richard L.

    Grass spurs

    This product has eliminated almost all grass spurs from my yard.

  • M
    Mona H. M. H. Mona H.

    works excellent for stickers

    I have used Balan in the past for the type of stickers that are on crabgrass that were fairly thick on about 1/3 of an acre. I applied it with a spreader Sept and Feb and by the next season over 75% of stickers/crab grass were gone. No other pre emergent worked. By the next season it was 99% gone. I also used a fertilizer to build up the soil but I know the Balan worked. Now need to buy it and try for khaki weeds.

  • S
    Saeed Mckenzie S. M. Saeed M.


    Slight hitch but they responded quickly and got me what id ordered

  • R
    Richard Laxton R. L. Richard L.

    Grass Spur Control

    Have used this product for 2 years now as a preemergent and post emergerge to control grass spurs. I have had wonderful success and will continue to use this product to keep my yard free of grass spurs.

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