Flagship 25WG Insecticide - 2 Lbs.


Flagship 25WG Insecticide

Water Dispersable Granules

Flagship 25WG insecticide is the foundation product for insect control and Integrated Crop Management programs for ornamental growers, with a new higher use rate for extended residual and an expanded list of controlled pests including aphids, whiteflies, leafminers and thrips. 

Swift translaminar absorption makes Flagship 25WG rainfast upon drying, so irrigation and rain will not wash it off. In addition, Flagship 25WG's chemical properties make it ideal for optimal plant uptake.
  • Patented Thiamethoxam Vigor Effect
  • Low use rate with extended control
  • Broad-spectrum insect control
  • Has systemic and contact activity on both immatures and adults
  • Produces more vigorous and marketable plants
  • Allows growers to use and store less product and reduce number of applications for pest control
  • Defends against many different foliar and soil pests without interfering with beneficials or rotation programs
  Rate of use: 8-17 fl. oz./acre, depending on pest. See label for full instructions.
Active ingredient:
 25% Thiamethoxam

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