Endeavor Insecticide - 15 oz.


Endeavor Insecticide

Water Dispersable Granule
Endeavor insecticide, with the active ingredient pymetrozine (50%), belongs to a new class of chemistry that safely eliminates sap-sucking aphids and whiteflies with its unique mode of action. When sprayed on the plant, there is some initial contact activity, but the primary mode of action and residual control occurs through insect feeding inhibition.
  • Rapid uptake by plant to stop insect feeding within 15-20 minutes
  • Easy on beneficial insects
  • Reduces the possibility of developing resistance while helping to maintain the efficacy of other products
  • Translaminar movement quickly protects the plant resulting in reduced virus transmission by pests
  • Works in tandem with biological pest control programs to further protect plants
  For use on: landscape ornamentals, field-grown ornamentals, container-grown ornamentals, nonbearing fruit and nut trees in nurseries, Christmas trees, ground covers, and ornamental plants in greenhouses, lath and shadehouses, and interiorscapes
Rate of application:
 2.5-5.0 oz./100 gallons of water, applied every 7-14 days. Maximum use rate of 10 oz./acre.

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