Dylox 6.2 Insecticide - 30 Lbs.


Dylox 6.2 Granular Insecticide

Dylox 6.2 works by both contact and ingestion. It rescues and protects lawns and turf from grubs and certain other insects that feed on them. When watered properly, this product can even penetrate thatch up to 1/2 inch thick.
  • Provides rapid curative grub control in as little as 24 hours
  • Has a longer effective application window than most competitors
  • Kills second and third instar grubs on contact, as well as listed surface-feeding and soil insects
  • Helps stop damage from predators such as skunks, birds and raccoons
  Pests controlled: Annual bluegrass weevils (larvae and adult), armyworms, chinch bugs, cutworms, sod webworms, white grubs   Rate of use: 30 lb. bag treats 10,000 sq. ft. for white grubs and mole crickets, or 15,000 sq. ft. for sod webworms.   Active ingredient: 6.2% Trichlorfon

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  • P
    Pauline Williams P. W. Pauline W.

    Only product that gets rid of grubs

    I struggled with grubs for years. Merit in June and Dylox in July/August are the only things that keeps my lawn alive. I've tried other products, but they didn't work. So glad to find Seed World as a place that ships throughout the US, so I can get the products I need for a healthy lawn. Locate in the Intermountain West region.

  • j
    jim hessburg J. H. jim h.


    Worked as expected

  • G
    Gail Mee G. M. Gail M.


    Love the product, couldn’t buy it locally to kill grubs so ordered it via Seed World and was very impressed how fast it shipped!!

  • J
    John Lingelbach J. L. John L.


    Quick shipping.. Fair pricing. Thanks

  • J
    Johnny Wong J. W. Johnny W.

    Excellent Product - Dylox 6.2 Insecticide 30 Lbs.

    Excellent product to take care the fungus on the lawn.

  • g
    gb sisson G. S. gb s.


    Came in just in time to apply before it rained

  • h
    harold cheatham H. C. harold c.

    This works!

    this got rid of my grub worms in my thick , beautiful Aoysia Palisades grass in 2 or 3 days. Pesky Armadillo went elsewhere. This is my second application this summer. Works well but next year I will use MERIT. Cheaper and lasts all summer (they claim). Dylox works fast but seems to work for around 2 months.

  • J
    John Barb J. B. John B.


    Order arrived in timely manner with solid packaging to protect the product.

  • L
    Lavina Freeman L. F. Lavina F.

    Five stars

    Excellent service!!!!

  • M
    Mark Garland M. G. Mark G.

    Waiting to see

    Apiece to lawn a couple Days ago, waiting to see results

  • W
    William Beisheim W. B. William B.

    5 star

    Fast delivery and product did what it was suppose to! Pleased with how it all work out.

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Brand: Bayer

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