DiPel PRO DF Biological Insecticide - 1 Lb.


DiPel PRO DF Biological Insecticide 

Registered for use on a variety of ornamentals, DiPel PRO DF delivers outstanding control of more than 30 species of insects, including tent caterpillar and various bagworms, looper, tobacco budworms and armyworms. Its dry flowable formulation is dust free and easy to measure and mix.

DiPel PRO DF is biodegradable and has minimal effect on humans, non-target animals or the environment. It is listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for use in organic production.

Usage: 1/4-2 Lbs./acre, depending on crop and pest types. See label for full instructions.

Active ingredient: 54% Bacillus thuringiensis, subsp. kurstaki, strain ABTS-351, fermentation solids, spores, and insecticidal toxins*

*Potency: 32,000 Cabbage Looper Units (CLU) per mg (14.5 billion CLU per pound).

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Category: Insecticide, Pest control

Type: Insecticide

Brand: Valent

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