Deadline M-Ps Snail & Slug Bait Mini Pellets


Deadline M-Ps Mini-Pellets

Snail and Slug Bait

Metaldehyde, the active ingredient in Deadline, sets the standard for effective slug and snail control in field, fruit and vegetable crops. Deadline M-Ps (four percent metaldehyde) are ideal for use in open field applications. 

  • Colored with a blue dye for high visibility by applicators to help monitor coverage and consumption levels
  • Rain fast; able to withstand as much as six inches of rain over a two week period
  • Features five times as many bait particles for increased points of contact as compared to regular-sized pellets
  • Contains the exclusive DB27 attractant system, which lures slugs and snails toward the bait and away from the crop

Rate of use: 
5-12 pellets/sq. ft. (1/2-1 cup/1000 sq. ft., or 10-20 lbs./acre)

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Type: Bait

Brand: AMVAC

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