Cutrine Ultra Algaecide Herbicide - 2.5 Gallons

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Cutrine Ultra is an Algaecide Herbicide Cyanobacteriocide ideal for thick-walled filamentous algae, colonial planktonic algae, Chara and copper-sensitive vascular aquatic plants.

  • Has no general water use restrictions at label rates.
  • Waters treated with this product may be used for swimming, fishing, further potable water treatment, livestock watering or irrigating turf, ornamental plants or crops immediately after treatment.

For use in:

  • Lakes
  • Rivers
  • Potable water reservoirs
  • Ponds
  • Fish hatcheries and raceways
  • Crop and non-crop irrigation conveyance systems (ditches, canals and laterals)

Active ingredient: 9.0% copper as elemental (copper-ethanolamine) containing an emulsified surfactant penetrant.

Application rate: 0.6 to 3.0 gallons per acre-ft. Product must be diluted prior to use. 

AK (Restricted to licensed applicators only), CT, ME, NJ, MY, OR, WA

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    Excellent Product

    My wife and I own a second home one hour south of Indianapolis. The country home is located on 47 acres and has one pond (3/4 acre) and a nice lake (3 acres). I was having the smaller pond treated professionally and the annual cost was almost $1,000. A friend of mine treats ponds as a side business. He suggested I use Cutrine Ultra. Last year was the second year I've treated both ponds and the results are excellent. Plus the price by Seed World is very competitive. Bob - Indianapolis

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