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Amdro Quick Kill Mosquito Bombs - 6 bombs

AMDRO Quick Kill Mosquito Bombs

AMDRO Quick Kill Mosquito Bombs kill mosquito larvae in standing water. Each bomb works for up to 64 days, so one six-pack provides up to one year of mosquito control. This larvicide treatment can be used around people and pets in all water-holding receptacles where mosquitoes may breed, including bird baths, fish ponds, animal watering troughs, rain barrels, privately owned ponds and more.
  • Kills mosquito larvae in standing water
  • A preemptive strike against nuisance and disease carrying mosquitoes
  • Prevents developing mosquitoes from becoming breeding, biting adults
  • Active ingredient starts to release immediately in water
  • Each bomb provides up to 64 days of protection
  • Same ingredient used by public health and mosquito control agencies for over 30 years
  • Each bomb treats up to 1,500 gallons of water
  • Can be used in areas that contain aquatic life, fish and plants
  • No floating debris

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